Get Involved! – How to Get More Out of First Year



Now that you are completing the second week of school, you are probably settling into your classes, and starting to form a routine. Now is the time to start thinking about how you can gain more experiences than just going to class and doing assignments. Here are three things to consider making your first year better!


  1. Find an Activity!



Join a club, volunteer, or find a job on campus. There are many ways for students to get involved on campus. There are a diverse selection of clubs at Sheridan including; Toastmasters, Tea Club, Investment Club, Interior Design Club, and more! Getting involved allows you to meet new people, be involved with the school, and gain a stronger sense of community.


  1. Get to Know Your Faculty!



Your professors have a lot of experiences in the industry you are studying. Asking them about their past experiences can give you insights into what it will be like working in the industry. It is also a chance to have deeper discussions about class content or reinforce knowledge.


  1. Athletics!

sheridan sports


Why not consider joining a Sheridan Sports Team? Or try taking a yoga class. Sports are a fantastic way to connect with others and get some exercise into your busy week. As a student, you also have access to the fitness facilities, so you can workout.  If you are looking for something fun to do, consider coming out and cheering on your schoolmates at the next game!

Overall, the best way to make the most out of your first year is to try something new and make connections!


Tips for the First Semester

Adjusting to the first semester at a new school, or even the first semester back after a long 4 months off can be difficult. Waking up for an 8 a.m. class, doing actual schoolwork, it all seems impossible. Luckily for all of you, I have come up with a list of tips for surviving the first semester at Sheridan.

  1. The first one is a big one, GO TO CLASS! You can only be successful if you use all of your resources in order to reach the success you desire; going to class is the ultimate resource in achieving that success. It’s a lot easier to learn the content you’re being taught when you have it explained to you by your professors, as well as help by the peers in class with you.o-COLLEGE-CLASS-facebook
  2. Make connections with your peers: In case you do have to miss a class, having connections with your peers is helpful to pass notes along and give you the information from the class you missed. As well as making connections and friendships with your peers makes going to class more enjoyable and interesting! mi_presento
  3. Stay organized: The easiest way to stay on top of your work is to make sure you have everything organized. As students, we have a million things floating around in our heads that have to get done. A tip that I found really works is using an agenda or a planner to write down all of your due dates, class times, and any other things you have that you need to remember. Agenda Concept
  4. Ask questions: When you don’t understand something, it’s so important to ask questions! Most of the time, someone else is wondering the exact same thing. Always remember, no question is a stupid question! o-ASKING-QUESTIONS-facebook
  5. Meet your deadlines: The final, and simplest tip for being successful is to always meet your deadlines! Handing assignments in on time shows your professors that you’re professional and reliable. Also – it ensures you get a better mark on the assignment with no late penalties!


Hopefully these tips benefit you in being successful this year!

How to Prepare for Your First Year

1.Go To Your Orientation!


Going to orientation is one of the best ways to get accustomed to life at Sheridan. It is your first chance to meet some of your faculty and gain important information. One of the best parts is meeting the other people in your program! Wouldn’t it be nice to go into class the first week already knowing someone? Orientation is also a good opportunity to pick up your onecard!

2.Get Your onecard!



Your onecard is your student ID and so much more. You can use it for access to the gym; for purchases on campus; to print; and more. The great thing about the onecard is that you can upload your own photo. Gone are the days where you want to hide your ID because of a bad picture. Simply visit to upload yours today!

3.Check Your Timetable!



There are two types of timetables; assigned and custom. With assigned timetables your timetable is created for you. With custom timetables  you are responsible for registering into your classes. Your timetable is important as it tells you when and where your classes are. Remember to give yourself time the first week to find your classes.

4.Get Your Textbooks!



You may be wondering what textbooks you need for class. The great news is your timetable acts as your booklist! You can visit the bookstore or you can order your books online through the Sheridan e-store. Each campus has their own e-store.

5.Get Your School Supplies Ready!

School Supplies


Calculators, erasers, and pencils – oh my! Organizing your supplies early gives you one less thing to worry about when classes start. If you’re a mobile computing student, you need a laptop that meets your program requirements. Don’t forget to run the pre-check prior to school in the fall.

6. Check the New Student Checklist!

3d small people - installation of check marks


For a detailed list of everything you should complete before starting classes, check out the New Student Checklist! If you have done everything on the checklist, you will be all set for classes September 5th.

First Year Connections – Under Construction


Hi First Years! Our blog is currently undergoing construction in preparation for the new school year which begins on September 5th.

Malcolm X once said, “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”

To help you prepare for your first year, visit the First Year Experience page.

You can also read the blog posting entitled “How to Prepare for Your First Year”.

We look forward to seeing you at Orientation!

Sheridan’s Co-curricular Record

What is Sheridan’s CCR???

Sheridan offers its students numerous opportunities to engage in activities outside of the classroom and academic studies. CCR is an institutional document that formally recognizes a student’s participation and involvement in such activities.

Opportunities Directory

The opportunities directory provides you with all the details of currently available activities. For instance, the duration of available activities, the campus at which the activities will take place, the responsibilities involved in becoming a participant, an average weekly time commitment, and the minimum number of participation hours required to add the activity to your CCR record. The activities list in the directory includes student leadership development programs, community engagement activities, student life programs, athletics, project teams, and research.

What are the benefits of having a CCR?

CCR would benefit you when applying for jobs, internships, bursaries and scholarships as it would be concrete evidence of your involvement and participation in professional development as well as activities in the community.

For more information, please visit


What Should I Do With My Life?

So, picture this. You’re in the Business Administration – Marketing program (or any program), and you’re not sure if you want to become a marketing coordinator, or a social media manager, or a sales representative… Or maybe you want to go on to get your undergrad degree, heck, maybe even a masters? Can you get a PhD in marketing? Wait, maybe I don’t even want to go into marketing. I’ve always thought that I’d make a great Software Engineer. 🤔


If this sounds like you, it’s time to take a trip to the career counsellor. The career counsellors on campus can help you with:

  • Career testing & assessment.
  • Exploring career options, finding direction.
  • Research & evaluation of career alternatives, setting career goals.
  • Labour market information, outlooks & future trends.
  • Planning further education (university, college programs, transfer agreements, apprenticeships, etc.).

Appointments are typically a half hour in length, and can be booked in the Centre for Student Success (Trafalgar: B104, Davis: B230, HMC: A247). The sooner you book, the sooner that you can start taking the right steps on your career path whether that be looking for an internship, or filling out a university application.

Hopefully this gives you some direction on… where to find direction. ↗️

All the best!


Student Life!

44We are already in week 6 of our classes. I know everyone is getting busy with lots and lots of assignments, tests, quizzes, group projects… and how can I forget about the upcoming mid-terms! Despite all of the course load, many of us are also working part-time. Of course, all these things form an integral part of our everyday college routine, but is this what student life is all about??? Or, do we have some super powers that will help us to cope with all the stress? Yes, we do have some super powers that make our student life fun and amazing! I have listed my top three below:

  • Determination: I keep myself determined, no matter what the circumstances are, I try my hardest to extract the best out of any situation because I believe no victory is possible without determination!
  • Friends: My friends are the stars that make my student life glitter. They provide me with help and support when I need it the most.
  • Social connections: I know if you have friends, you’re a social person, but what I mean by social connections is the networking that you build when you step outside of your comfort zone. I strengthened my networking by ‘getting involved’. Sheridan provides tons of options to get involved on-campus either by joining clubs, through volunteer activities, or by participating in campus-wide events.

Be creative, be yourself!fotorcreated-2

Let me know about your top three super powers that make your student life happy and bright!

Trust me, you would always cherish these wonderful days spent at Sheridan, so discover Sheridan! Discover yourself and apply your creative knowledge to build a life you would never want a vacation from!