Student Life!

44We are already in week 6 of our classes. I know everyone is getting busy with lots and lots of assignments, tests, quizzes, group projects… and how can I forget about the upcoming mid-terms! Despite all of the course load, many of us are also working part-time. Of course, all these things form an integral part of our everyday college routine, but is this what student life is all about??? Or, do we have some super powers that will help us to cope with all the stress? Yes, we do have some super powers that make our student life fun and amazing! I have listed my top three below:

  • Determination: I keep myself determined, no matter what the circumstances are, I try my hardest to extract the best out of any situation because I believe no victory is possible without determination!
  • Friends: My friends are the stars that make my student life glitter. They provide me with help and support when I need it the most.
  • Social connections: I know if you have friends, you’re a social person, but what I mean by social connections is the networking that you build when you step outside of your comfort zone. I strengthened my networking by ‘getting involved’. Sheridan provides tons of options to get involved on-campus either by joining clubs, through volunteer activities, or by participating in campus-wide events.

Be creative, be yourself!fotorcreated-2

Let me know about your top three super powers that make your student life happy and bright!

Trust me, you would always cherish these wonderful days spent at Sheridan, so discover Sheridan! Discover yourself and apply your creative knowledge to build a life you would never want a vacation from!


So you want to be a peer mentor…


If you are looking for a great job on campus and you think you would make a good peer mentor, we have great news!

Peer mentor applications for next year are now open!

You can go here for lots more information and answers to FAQ’s, but here are two quick things to note:

  • You have to be going into your 2nd year at Sheridan
  • You need a GPA of 3.0 or higher

The application deadline is February 17th so, if you qualify, go ahead and apply! It’s a great job.

Good luck!

Welcome to HMC’s B-Building!

With the opening of HMC 2 (B building), we’re happy to welcome programs from both the Trafalgar campus, and the Davis campus!

HMC is the new home to:

  • Advertising and Marketing Communications
  • Architectural Technology
  • Interior Decorating
  • Bachelor of Interior Design
  • Tourism – Global Travel
  • Visual Merchandising

With a new building, and new space, HMC 2 is able to offer facilities that would not have been possible in the A building. We have awesome new spaces such as the creativity commons (with the big S cushions!), lounges on every floor (which will soon feature fireplaces), Mac and PC labs, and a whole lot more. We even have a student gallery that will be opening soon! To learn more about our exciting expansion, please visit: You may also book a tour by visiting: 😀



Starting Well

Welcome back everyone!

It’s the start of a new semester. Whether this is your first or second (or third or fourth) semester at Sheridan, this is the time where everyone is getting organized and settling into a new schedule. Below are two things to keep in mind that can help you have a really great semester!



  1. Ask questions: You are in charge of your education- don’t be afraid to ask questions! This could be in the area of academics, finances, extra-curricular or anything else. Ask, ask ask. There are lots of people who can help you out! Professors, peers, peer mentors, student advisors, the financial aid office, office of the registrar- the list goes on!


2. Take initiative: For some people, this is really easy, and for others this can be really hard. I get it.  Taking initiative, though, is a really great skill to develop. It helps you grow, personally, it makes you more visible to professors and future employers, it gives you a sense of control, and, in the long run, it can reduce stress. Here are a few ideas of areas where you can take initiative this semester:

  • PROJECTS AND ASSIGNMENTS: offer ideas in group projects, be proactive, get a head start when possible, challenge yourself to go above and beyond in your work, hand in your work on time!


  • SCHEDULE: stay on top of your work (volunteer commitments, academics, part time jobs, etc), find a good system of organization, and show up to class


  • PRIORITIZE: figure out what your priorities are. Narrow down what you want to commit time to and what opportunities you are willing to let pass. Do you want to join a club, or do you need to commit more time to studying? Do you have a part time job? How many hours a week do you need to do x,y,z? Is there anything you are doing right now (that you don’t have to do) that you can maybe drop? Try to get the clearest idea possible of your priorities early on in the semester. This can take some trial and error to discover, though, so cut yourself a bit of slack!


Some of these things might seem obvious, but little things like going to class and doing assignments on time really add up to benefit you in the long run!

Tips for the Last Week!

It is the final week of school! There are still a few days left until the end of first semester, though. That probably means there are a few assignments and exams still looming. If you are like me, you might feel like you need to be doing 50 things at once right now. To help you get though this final week, and maybe give you some ideas of what to do differently next semester, here are a couple things I’ve been doing to keep it all together (more or less)!


Schedule: I have a handy little day planner where I write all of my due dates, appointments, and reminders, etc. I like having a physical book to write it all down. It feels so satisfying to cross things off when I finish them! If you don’t have a day planner, I encourage you to invest in one for next semester or figure out your own system! Google calendar works well for a lot of people, or you can make a giant wall calendar, too. I always have this weird fear that I’m forgetting something really important, and my planner really helps clear my head and reduce that anxiety.

Startup Stock Photos

Study with a friend or group: You know the feeling: it has been a long day at school or work and you know you have that assignment due. You know you should probably do it right away, but you start mentally calculating how many hours you can still put it off so you can watch Netflix. Because doing homework is literally the very last thing you want to do. I’ve found that the best way to get out of this rut is to study with other people! You can set a time to meet up with a friend or group and work together. This way, you can be semi-social, but still accomplish stuff. It’s a lot more fun than doing it alone. Plus, it’s a great excuse to go to Starbucks.

timetable rr.jpg

Get ready for next semester: Timetables are out now! If you have any problems or questions regarding courses or times, get those straightened out right away. Visit Student Services in B104 (Trafalgar), A247 (HMC) or B230 (Davis) or the Office of the Registrar for help.

Congratulations on finishing your first semester at Sheridan! I hope you’ve learned a lot and made some great friends over the past few months.

Enjoy your well-deserved break!

Keep Calm and Ace the Exam!

The year 2016 was great for me. I was lucky to be a Peer Mentor to my amazing mentees, I made some amazing friends for life, learnt a lot at school, and had an amazing year altogether.

I am sure everyone must have also had equally amazing experiences, gathered so much knowledge at school, made new friends at Sheridan, maybe missed hanging out with high school friends, and so much more. I hope none of you had to go through sad or depressing times in 2016, but if you did and want to talk to someone about it, make sure to benefit from services at Sheridan.  Check out the Student Services Centre in Room B230 for more information.  We are all here to help you!

Just like everyone else, 2016 taught me some life lessons, such as never to procrastinate, to study hard and to manage my finances cleverly. I am taking all of those lessons learnt into 2017 and also into the years ahead. Hope you will do the same.

I am sure all of you will do an amazing job on your final exams. Make sure to go through booksyour coursework and also make use of the tutoring services in Room J314L. For me, what works best is to take small 10 minute breaks for every 90 minutes of studying. This helps me to focus and to retain the information. Try it, it might benefit you too! If you have any other ideas/ cool tips for how to prepare effectively for exams, make sure to type them in the comments section below!


Good luck with your exams!

Happy holidays! happyholidays

Stay safe and have fun!

Need a Study Break? 3 Interesting Things

We’re coasting toward the end of the term. I know: you are probably consuming an unhealthy amount of caffeine and scraping the bottom of the creativity barrel at this point. If you need distract your brain for a while, yet still kind of feel like you are accomplishing something, here are 3 interesting things I’ve discovered this week that might inspire you:

Maybe procrastination isn’t a bad thing? This article in QUARTZ makes a good argument for putting off that assignment for a while. It might make you more creative in the long run. (Don’t put it off TOO long, though)!



A return to paper products?Why Startups Love Moleskines” is an article in the New Yorker about tangible vs. the intangible and why we still love paper.



A song that reduces anxiety? Listening to this song apparently helps! The article also includes a Spotify playlist of relaxing tunes. If you are stressed right now, this might be for you.


Hopefully this provides you with a little inspirational distraction so you can dive back into your work. Remember, the end is in sight! As always, if you have any questions or issues, feel free come to Student Services in B104 (Trafalgar), A247 (HMC) or B230 (Davis). You can also email your peer mentor with questions.

Good luck, everyone!