Your Peers – Davis Campus

Welcome to the Davis Peers Page!


Here you can find pictures of the current Davis Campus First year Connections Peer Mentors, and a little more info about them. Enjoy! 🙂

Loriana Politi


My name is Loriana Politi. I am a second year student in the Office Administration Executive program at Davis campus. I became a Peer Mentor because I love helping others and engaging with people. The best advice I would give to a first year student is don’t be afraid to ask for help whenever you need it. Another piece of advice I would like to give first year students is to sharpen their time management skills. Time management is probably the most important skill I have had to use last year in order to stay on top of homework and still time for fun.

Fun Fact: Speaking of fun, here is a fun fact about me: I love video games, Star Trek, and the Avengers movies. I could talk about any of those subjects all day.

Sharralee Fauknor-Walters


Hi my name is Sharralee. I am going into my 2nd year of the Office Administration- Health Services program, and very optimistic that one day I will become a Medical Transcriptionist. This year would be my 1st year as a Peer Mentor and it’s been an amazing experience thus far. Being a Peer Mentor has allowed me to break out of my shell and become more engaging with people. As well as, I chose to be a peer mentor to represent the school that I am proud to attend.  As a first year student I would encourage students to make their grades a priority, I would also like to encourage students to make new friends and get involved.

Fun fact: I suffer from Arachnophobia

Taranpreet Pabla


I am entering my 2nd year of the Chemical Engineering Technology program. Also, it is my first year as a Peer Mentor. Last year, at my orientation, I was so impressed by the assistance and support provided by the peer mentors. Due to this reason, I wished to be a part of such a team where I could also be a source of help for new students. My advice is don’t let yourself be tangled in the stress of your studies that you forget to enjoy this phase of life. Just stay calm, be determined and get yourselves surrounded by positive vibes!!!

Fun fact: Cooking is a stress-buster for me. Whenever I am extremely stressed, I just go into the kitchen and start cooking something!!!!

Mahadevan Ramakrishnan


I am entering my 2nd year in the Computer Systems Technology – Systems Analyst program. I became a peer mentor because College is a big adjustment. I had a fairly hard time adjusting to the new culture and new people. I know the hardship, so I want to help mentee’s feel more comfortable and confident in their abilities, be it school work or everyday life. I would love to help smooth out that transition for them. Making Sheridan a great experience for them. My advice to first year students is don’t skip class, make sure you give a 100% to your assignment and quiz. Academic success should be a breeze. Also don’t forget to have fun and relax!

Fun Fact: To win a Chili Eating competition, I had to eat 21 green chili without drinking water or milk. Smoking Ears, Teary Eyes 😉

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