Your Peers – Davis Campus

Welcome to the Davis Peer Mentor Page!

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Here you can find pictures of the current Davis Campus First Year Connections Peer Mentors, and a little more info about them. Enjoy! 🙂

Brianna Rideout

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Brianna is going into her 3rd year of the Child and Youth Care program. Brianna loves helping people; she believes helping is in her nature. Her passion for helping others and meeting new people is the main reason why she chose to become a Peer Mentor. Brianna also thought that this was a great way to get involved on campus. Brianna had an amazing first year at Sheridan; however, she understands how scary and nerve-wrecking transitioning into post-secondary can be. She wants to help other students feel comfortable, supported and ready to succeed so that they are able to get the most out of their time at Sheridan! Brianna’s advice for first year students would be to enjoy your time at Sheridan; it can fly by very quickly. Also, make sure that you utilize the services available, they are made for students and can be EXTREMELY helpful in being successful not only at Sheridan, but in your future as well.

Fun Fact: Brianna is currently a Girl Guide leader; she has been in Girl Guides for 16 years. She recently planned an independent trip, where she took 8 teenagers to the east coast of Canada for 10 days through Girl Guides.

Michael Taddei

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Michael is going into his 2nd year of the Police Foundations program. He is aware of the challenges a student must overcome, which only become tougher without the support of a Peer Mentor. He, thus, chose to become a Peer Mentor with Student Advisement to give students the support that they need. He believes that his own experience as a student has better equipped him to assist other students with their transition. As a student who struggled at the beginning of his first year, Michael urges all first year students to seek assistance from their Peer Mentor or the Student Services Centre (B230) if they are unsure of something so that we may help guide you in the right direction.

Fun Fact: Even though Michael enjoys learning and studying the criminal code, he also truly enjoys working on cars!

Nirojini Lawrance


Nirojini is going into her 2nd year of the Social Services Worker program. She has always wanted to be a Peer Mentor as it would serve as an opportunity to be more involved on campus. She feels Peer Mentoring will be a great way to assist and guide first year students, as they transition into post-secondary. She chose to work as a Peer Mentor for Student Advisement because it would provide her with ample amounts of experience with first year students. She believes that she can be a great resource to first year students, who may find college stressful and challenging. Nirojini stresses on the importance of pursuing your educational career in something that you are passionate about. She would also advise all first year students to get involved on campus as that is the best way to make the most of your college experience.

Fun Fact: Nirojini has traveled extensively in India, where she visited The Taj Mahal and other major attractions in Kerala.

Inderpreet Singh Matharu


Inderpreet is going into the 2nd year of Computer Systems Technology program, majoring in Software and Network Engineering. He chose to become a Peer Mentor as it was an interesting way to get involved on campus. He believes that Peer Mentoring will provide him with the opportunity to gain professional experience and meet new people. Inderpreet’s advice to first year students is to attend classes. It will actually save you time when you’re studying later. Even if your professor spends an hour reviewing last weeks reading, that’s one less hour you will have to spend on studying later.

Fun Fact: Inderpreet’s team won 2nd prize in the NASA Space Settlement Design Contest. He was also a professional tennis player!



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