Your Peers – Trafalgar Campus

Welcome to the Trafalgar Peers Page!


Here you can find pictures of the current Trafalgar Campus First Year Connections Peer Mentors and a little more info about them. Enjoy! 🙂

Eve Krogman


I am entering my 3rd year in the Honours Bachelor of Film and Television program. This is my second year of being a Peer Mentor, and I chose to become one to be able to help First year students have as great of a first experience as I did. Being there to help students make the transition into post-secondary school is really important and I loved being a part of it. My advice to first year students is to get involved! There’s so many places on campus that you can get involved, and once you find your niche, you’ll flourish.

Fun Fact: I’m only 5″ and might be a Hobbit.

Dean Rapson

I am entering my second year at Sheridan in the Computer Systems Technology – Software Development and Network Engineering program. I became a peer mentor so that I could do something meaningful and help people become more at ease with their college experience. My advice is when you have the chance to edit your schedule, don’t try to squeeze all you classes into as few days as possible. Having 3 or 4 exams in one day is torture.

Fun fact: I’m actually a bike, don’t tell anyone.

Sahar Rasuli


I am entering my first year of the Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design, Specializing in Textiles. Prior to enrolling in this program, I completed the Art Fundamentals program and also the Visual and Creative Arts Advanced Diploma program. I choose to become a peer mentor to guide the little first year beans. My advice to first year students is do your best and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Fun Fact: My watch tan is coming in very nicely this summer.

Christy Janssens


I am entering my 2nd year in the Journalism program. This is my first year as a Peer Mentor. I chose to become a Peer Mentor because, as a transfer student from another post-secondary school, I thoroughly enjoyed my first year experience at Sheridan. I wanted to pay it forward and help other students have the best first year possible. My advice to first year students would be to challenge yourself to get involved, whether that looks like answering questions in class, joining an extra-curricular activity, or showing up at Sheridan events. What you put into your time at Sheridan will definitely be what you get out of it.

Fun fact: This past year, I spent a month in Romania working for the English section of a small magazine.

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